Things of My Dark Imagination

Final Fantasy VII

His name is Ladras. He is the son of the legendary swordman Cloud. Although he did know that he was his father, he sought out to be his apprentice. Cloud learned this from none other than Tifa, Ladras' mother. Though Cloud was happy to hear this, Tifa asked him to keep this secret from Ladras for his own protection. If word got out that he was his son, people would constantly try to use him for their own gain.

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Weight: 210

Height: 6'1''

Weapon: Doragon no Hinote (Dragon of Fire)

Theme Song: The Game - Disturbed


Soul Eater

These two are Damon and Max. They are students at the DWMA. Max is a patient but easlily irritable person while Damon is laid back and cares little about many things. Damon and Max always sport an article of clothing that bears the Yin-Yang symbol somewhere on it. It symbolizes not only how both of them are almost direct opposites but beleif in the fact that every thing requires balance. The pairs fighting style is uniqu. While Max is in his sword form he acts as an extension of Damon's body. He acts as his eyes and ears not just as a blade.

Ages: 19 and 17

Height: 6'0'' and 5'11''

Sex: Both Male

Weight: 190 and 175

Theme Song: Storm to Pass - Atreyu

Weapons: Max may be the sword, but he is useless with out Damon


Tenjou Tenge

I made this character randomly. His name is Tentou Initei, and he attends Todo Academy as a second year. The academy teaches it's students in the way of the martial artist, which in turn teaches them Honor and humiliation. However, there are many students who do not follow the school code. Being an honorable fighter himself, be prepared to walk away with a gurney supporting you, hes a ruthless fighter who shows no mercy to his enemy. He belongs to the Jyuken Club. A rather small club of trained martial artists. He has no peticular fighting style except his own which he calls Shiroi Aikuchi no Takai Tokoyonokuni (White Dagger of the High Heavens) which has proven near fatal against the in experienced fighters who have challenged him. It combines a high power of attack while still maintaining a well-balanced defense. He looks for those who would give him a challenge, but has found no one.

Age: 16

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 190 lbs

Sex: Male

Weapons: None