Things of My Dark Imagination

The Bridge

The Rygos family has protected the world for centuries. Long ago, when god had cast out the angels who sided with Lucifer and demons and magic ran unchecked, a fallen angel mated with a human, creating a line of, more or less, demi-gods. Over time, the angel blood thinned out and the family resorted to different measures. They began merging their children's souls with that of demons. During the Test of Rights, Elios and Seran fought for their lives. That night, however, ended in tragedy. After Elios succeeded in his test he lost control, massacring his family and leaving Seran gravely injured. He vanished into the wood line that fateful night, never to be seen again. In order to survive, Seran made a deal. In exchange for his life, Seran would allow the demon to feast on his soul. He spends the remainder of his days searching for his beloved brother to save his soul.

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Weight: 150 lbs

Height: 5'11''

Weapons: Dāku Kōhai (Dark Ravager)

Theme Song: Back for More - Five Finger Death Punch

Quote: "Push me. Go ahead. Just wait and see what happens..."

The Outcast

Leo Marquis bares the crest of the Chaos Angel. From a young age, Leo was an outcast. He was constantly bullied and tormented which ended up with him losing control and burning down the orphanage in which he lived, killing most of the inhabitants within. He developed a soft spot for a fellow student at the local academy named Kelly. Upon watching her being eaten, Leo fell into a emotional state of complete numbness, in which incredible sadistic tendencies developed. He has little to no trouble killing people who stand between him and his goal of revenge against those who caused Kelly's death, even though taking the life of a human is forbidden by God. His dark personality tends to keep most people away except the Wind Guardian Tina, who seems to be the only person capable of stopping Leo during his fits of uncontrollable rage. Memories and feelings for Kelly still remain within him and serve as restraints against harming Tina who refuses to leave his side despite his constant warnings and threats.

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Weight: 195 lbs

Height: 5'11''

Weapon: All-Bring

Theme Song: There's No Sympathy for the Dead - Escape the Fate

The Gladiator

Without a past and name this man was found collapsed and injured in the middle of the desert by a group of human traffickers. He was sold to the rich merchant of a prosperous city where he was given the name Altera and thrown into the arena where he is forced to fight for his life. The only thing he remembers is that he is an outcast. Not fit to live anywhere in peace.

Age: Unkown

Sex: Male 

Weight: Approx 210 lbs

Height: Approx. 6'0''

Weapon: None

Theme Song: Earshot - Wait

The Prince

This is Byrne Himon, a prince that was banished from his kingdom. At the age of ten, his uncle ascended the throne when his father King Himon died of an unknown cause. To prevent threat to his rule and that of his heirs, his uncle Rivac, banished him from his kingdom of Tengris, never to return. He was taken in by a warrior clan who found him collapsed on the side of the road. They taught him how to wield the flame sword Crimsidia and the basic spells he needed to survive. At the age of thirteen he left the clan and began wandering in search of a set of items said to bestow the owner great strength, wisdom, and power. Over the years he wandered alone, he collected three of the eight items he seeks to use to regain his throne and kingdom.

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Weight: 145 lbs

Height: 6'0''

Weapon: Crimsidia - The Crimson Destroyer, Blade of Nale the Powerful

Quote: "There is no pure black or pure white in this pathetic world. Just shades of miserable gray."

Theme Song: End of All Hope - NightWish

The Brother

Elios is Seran's older brother and the reason for Seran's current predicament. The moment he received the demon that would give him his power, he became drunk with it, massacring the group that preformed the ritual and his family absorbing their souls, increasing what tremendous power he already had as well as mortally injuring his little brother. However, before killing his younger brother, what little humanity that was left within surfaced and prolonged Seran's life. He ran into the darkness of that stormy night and waits for Seran to come and free his soul from its pitiful existence as a demon's slave.

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Weight: 175

Height: 6'2''

Weapon(s): Kaosu no Tsuinburēdo (Twin Blades of Chaos)

Quote: "Life. Death. Its always been the same to me...although my decisions normally lead to the ladder..."

Theme Song: Go To Sleep - Eminem

The Dragon Rider

Her name is Lyra and she is the last person left alive from a long and incredibly powerful line of Dragon Tamers. She has no memories of her past and no family to seek comfort from. Her mother died during child birth and the village elders told her that her father had disappeared shortly before she was born. When she became of age, she received her dragon and weapon along with a seal that signified she was a Dragon Tamer. Her dragon Thyr has been with her since her village's destruction, refusing to leave her side. Although she appears nineteen she has lived for well over a century protecting the local village's, making her actually around the age of one-hundred and nineteen. Although Tamers aren't immortal, they tend to live extremely long lives because when they bond with there dragon, their life forces meld into one. And dragons tend to live for thousands of years, and one can't live without the other. But where ever a Tamer goes, trouble is sure to follow.

Age: 19 (More like 119)

Sex: Female

Weight: 112 lbs

Height: 5'8''

Weapons: Yari - Spear of the Wind Protector and Dragon Power

Theme Song: My Black Dahlia - Hollywood Undead

The User

The Users are considered gods among men. Golems can be found in everyone's soul. It only waits to be awakened. Over six millenia ago, a man named Drake was born with the strongest golem ever. Its name was Dark-Star. Drake sought to use his golem for world domination. He was almost upon reaching his desires when five unnamed men and women, who called themselves The Legion, sealed his body away in the Bakari Mountain Range. His soul wandered the earth for one hundred years before he found a suitable line to carry his heir. That boy's name is Souichiro Haritaku. Although only fifteen years of age, hes faced more enemies than the strongest warrior and has bested them all. He wanders the land in search of a way to remove his burden.

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Weight: 160 lbs

Height: 5'10''

Weapons: Reverance and Golem Armor

Theme Song: Seether - Remedy