Things of My Dark Imagination

The Racer

Her name is Nakira. And thats all she knows. She suffers from amnesia after a racing accident in the IPRC (Inter Planitary Racing Circut). Being only 17 years of age, she is the youngest racer to ever compete in the IPRC. The IPRC starts off on Earth and moves through three different galaxies uploaded to the racer's comm screen at random. Her trusted vehicle, Lightning Sky, has won her three seperate championchips. Often relaxed, you can find her normally at her hotel room sleeping or watching TV. She only competes in the IPRC for the thrill and danger of racing.

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Weight: 130 lbs

Height: 5'11'' 

Weapons: What ever I can find and use

Vehicle: Lightning Sky

Theme Song: A Place To Rest - Linkin Park